Recipes for PKU or low protien diets

PKU recipe for breadmakers

A reliable recipe for making PKU bread in a breadmaker. I've used this recipe for years, and it consistently makes a soft, white loaf. Plus, how to avoid that hard ring of flour and using psyllium husks.

PKU ‘Fish’ fingers

When I asked my friends for their recommendations for my first ‘fish’ finger supper, the reply was ‘I haven’t had those since I was 10.’ There is no reason for fish fingers to be a child only meal, we face too many food restrictions for that nonsense.

Four quick ‘school-night’ dinners

Quick, easy dinners to satisfy the taste buds and the PKU diet. Three of the recipes are Phe-free. The last has 2.5g Phe per adult portion with option to add more if needed.

PKU and non-PKU lasagne in the same dish.

The need to double up on meals is a common problem for people with PKU. Hence a 2-in-1 lasagne. A single dish with one half PKU lasagne and the other non-PKU lasagne.

Spring into spring with easy lunch ideas

With spring just around the corner, I’ve dusted off a few easy recipes to ‘spring’ out of the lunch rut. A PKU friendly Waldorf salad for those days when the sun comes out between the clouds. A protein free Mac & cheese for the days when we need a bit of comfort food, and quick soups.

PKU friendly recipes: carrot soup, and chewy ginger cookies

If you are a PKU batch cooker, then these Low-phe & Phe- free recipes are easy to scale up and fill the freezer or cookie jar this weekend.

PKU at Christmas

This blog post has a plethora of links and I hope that some of them inspire you to a more PKU friendly Christmas.

Dark Chocolate & Ginger Hot Cross Bun loaf

What I really wanted was a Hot Cross Bun loaf which I could slice and toast like normal bread. And I have a bread maker

PKU friendly recipes to try in October

Where the heck did September go? Admittedly I spent most of the month pretending it was still summer. The weather played ball early on, but now the season for soups and oven dishes is now upon us.

PKU and heatwave friendly recipes

For five days the temperatures are expected to hover around 30 celcius so it is a good time to revisit my handy ‘no-cook’ recipes. There are three on this page, ranging from phe-free, to 2phe per portion.