Resolution redux

Resolution redux

Whether you have given up on your resolution are doggedly hanging in there, please remember to be kind to yourself and to celebrate the little wins.

Resolution, what resolution?

My fitness tracker popped up at midday on New Year’s Day to remind me to get in 30 minutes of exercise at some point. I decided then and there:

“half an hour isn’t so hard. I’ll aim for 30 minutes of exercise every day in 2021.”

In an ever-changing world, this was something under my control. I dragged myself off the sofa and out the door. Fast-forward 24 hours, and it was freezing, drizzly and frankly horrid out there. Plus I had a good book and isn’t that what holidays are for? My resolution lasted less than two days.

Be kind

The key thing is, I didn’t beat myself up. I didn’t label myself a failure who now couldn’t do any exercise until 2022. In the weeks since, I’ve run, cycled, walked and yoga’d for 30 minutes for at least half of the days. It would be more but apparently a 50-minute walk only counts as 16 minutes of exercise, not that I’m bitter.

The point is, a few setbacks don’t mean you have failed.

I may not have managed 30 minutes of exercise everyday according to a device on my wrist. But I have still moved more than I managed in December. That is a little win to celebrate.

Celebrate the little wins

On Wednesday, I managed my second 5 km run this year. Win!

Yesterday, I didn’t leave the house but cleared some nagging tasks off the to-do list. Win!

Today… well, I got a blog post up. Win!

Whatever you decided to change this year, please remember to celebrate the little wins.

If you are PKU-er who resolved to do a little better on the PKU Diet therapy, great! It isn’t easy, good lord it isn’t. But setting that intention is a big win. Celebrate it. Celebrate each recorded exchange and every change to your eating habits and a little present to your future self.

And if you have struggled with the changes, remember that by simply paying attention to what you are eating you are already making a difference. The habits and effects will come.

PKU and January diets

This is a time of year when so many people are trying out new diets, and we are bombarded with new eating plans and advice, none of which applied to the strict PKU regime.

I’ve written about this before so please have a read, be kind and remember:
Celebrate the little wins.