Who are ABIL? Acquired Brain Injury Forum for London

I came across ABIL on Twitter one day and am very glad to have found them.They are a conglomeration of various groups from across London who work together to raise awareness of Brain Injury and to press for care services. The various groups involved range from specialised medical staff, though researchers, policy makers, social care workers to brain injury survivors and their carers.

My main interaction with ABIL has been at their quarterly conferences which feature an experienced group of speakers. Crucially, for someone with a brain injury, the events are only three hours long. This makes it easier to follow all speakers and absorb new information without being overwhelmed. Anyone with an interest in furthering the awareness of and help for Brain Injury in London is welcome to join and I would highly recommend doing so.

Membership of ABIL is free and they are actively seeking involvement and membership from people who work or volunteer in private or public health, social services, housing, law… Really anyone who is involved or interested in the care of people with ABI along with survivors and their carers. The conferences are held in central London and carry a wide range of speakers.

I visited the latest conference this month and wrote about it here https://pigpen.page/abil-march-2019/.
To learn more about ABIL or sign up as a member please visit http://www.abil.co.uk

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