Writing about writing, lessons learned as a new author

Writers’ Ways 7: Collecting information

The new year is a great time to plan for the writing year ahead. We need to give ourselves time when we can sit down and put our thoughts together.

Writers' Ways 6: Fact, Fiction, and Fantasy

Consider the writing which you enjoy reading. This may give you direction as to where you feel comfortable taking the early steps in your creative writing.

Writers' Ways 5

When one reads a story, it is obvious where to begin. Sadly, that is rarely true when writing one. Here are a few tips and tricks which may help.

Writers' Ways 4

Something which helps the process when formulating ideas for writing is known as a Journalist's 5W dictum Who, What, Where, Why, When, (And How)

Writers' Ways 3

In life, when ripples occur in our world or disturb our tranquility, nothing ever quite returns to what it was. Life goes on. The ripple may have hardly been noticed, but something will have changed

Writers' Ways 2: Copyright

Copyright gives details about ‘ownership’ and the terms and conditions as to use of the material in the work. Always copyright your work!

Writers' Ways 1

We write to communicate our thoughts, our ideas, our opinions, or to give information or news. We write because we want someone to read what we have to say.

First income as an author

This income wasn’t from directly from book sales nor from my publisher. Rather it came from secondary uses of my work.

Dear New Zealand,

I want to tell you what we have learned so far. It will get worse before it gets better. Just because someone is being a dick, it doesn’t mean you should be a dick too.

New Year, New Book

It is unnerving to send a story out into the world, but I’m grateful to see that is has been well received: “Incredibly vivid... this book will be of great benefit to professionals, survivors and their families alike.”