Neuro Navigators

The Role of Neuro Navigators, Learn how they help patients with brain injuries regain their lives, from PigPen.Page
The Role of Neuro Navigators

I hadn’t heard of Neuro Navigators until a session at the ABIL November 2023 forum held at Irwin Mitchell, London. This presentation from Shona Falkner Mesner and Gerry Owusu-Gyamfi of South East London Neuro Navigation service (SELNNS) showed that a large gap in ABI care was being addressed.

How Neuro Navigators help people with Brain Injury

Shona and Gerry explained that Neuro Navigators help patients to understand the process of neurological rehabilitation. The navigators can also personalise the experience for each patient, which ensure the patient receives the best care. This also helps to streamline and efficiencies in the service.

The role of Neuro Navigators

As Gerry said, the Neuro Navigators work to identify the right place, in the right service at the right time. They also advocate for both the patients and the services, and help to monitor patients who are on the waiting lists.

"...the right place, in the right service at the right time."

The slides from their presentation are linked below, courtesy of ABIL. Briefly, the Neuro Navigators also:

  • provide continuity of contact for the patients
  • coordinate discharges and services in the community.
  • perform an educational role within local health services on appropriate neuro-rehabilitation pathways.

Finding a Neuro Navigator

SELNNS are based in South London, though there are services around London. Referrals to the services can be made from hospitals, GPs, or by a self-referral directly from the patient.

Presentation courtesy of SELNNS and ABIL. Links directly to a PDF.