Acquired Brain Injury is in focus at Westminster today as Chris Bryant, MP for the Rhondda, introduces a Debate on a Motion on Acquired Brain Injury. Bryant is the Chair of the APPG on Acquired Brain Injury which launched in November 2018.

Chris, @RhonddaBryant, is gaining a reputation on health matters following his melanoma scare earlier this year. His campaign for ABI awareness stretches back further and I was inspired by his talk at an ABIL forum in 2018. Elsewhere he has noted that:

"Acquired Brain Injury is an invisible epidemic, and we need to ensure that the neurorehabilitation services required following a brain injury are ‘fit for purpose’ throughout the UK” 1

The APPG has already released it’s first report entitled ‘Time for Change’ with key recommendations on

  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Education
  • Criminal Justice and
  • Sport-related Concussion.

Regular readers will know this last item is of keen interest as my ABI came from football. This concern is gaining a wider profile of late following high-profile injuries which have laid bare the inadequacies of current governing bodies and medical data.

The debate is likely to take place at 1pm - hope you will tune in to BBC Parliament too!

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