Living with PKU

PKU recipe for breadmakers

A reliable recipe for making PKU bread in a breadmaker. I've used this recipe for years, and it consistently makes a soft, white loaf. Plus, how to avoid that hard ring of flour and using psyllium husks.

Everyday acts of kindness

We are all aware that it is good to be kind. New research has found that, as well as benefiting to the person you are being kind to, offering an act of kindness has benefits for you too.

100 in June 2021

June was a busy month for the PKU family as we ran, cycled, walked, planked, push-upped our way towards International PKU day.

100 for PKU

The campaign aims to get people active by setting a target to hit this month. Your target is 100. 100 km cycling or running, 100 minutes exercising, 100 push-ups, 100 lengths of the pool, 100 hula hoops-a-hooping... The possibilities are endless.