Healthy eating

Tips for a healthy diet and lifestyle with PKU & low protien diets

Resolution redux

If you have struggled with the changes, remember that by simply paying attention to what you are eating you are already making a difference. The habits and effects will come.

PKU at Christmas

This blog post has a plethora of links and I hope that some of them inspire you to a more PKU friendly Christmas.

Gyms and PKU

Like with everything, going to the gym should be fun and rewarding... it just takes a bit of time and care - like anything with PKU!

A day in the life of PKU

A dietician’s focus on PKU may be a purely objective one... They only see us once every few months so how do you show them the daily perspective? How do you explain living with PKU to someone who approaches it from a medical or academic perspective?

Dark Chocolate & Ginger Hot Cross Bun loaf

What I really wanted was a Hot Cross Bun loaf which I could slice and toast like normal bread. And I have a bread maker

PKU friendly recipes to try in October

Where the heck did September go? Admittedly I spent most of the month pretending it was still summer. The weather played ball early on, but now the season for soups and oven dishes is now upon us.

Heatwaves & Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).

Some people with ABI will be fine, but for many temperature extremes can make it harder to mange the symptoms and effects of the injury. Headway UK reports that “A brain injury can sometimes cause problems with temperature regulation making it harder for survivors to control their body temperature.”

Cheese Scones and tips

Tasty, fluffy, protein-free cheese scone recipe - with pictures and baking tips for people on Low Protein diets like PKU, Phenylketonuria.

Webinar - Healthy eating on a low protein diet

Louise kicks things off by saying that “in theory a Low Protein (LP) diet sounds very healthy as it should include a lot of vegetables and fruit.” But her research has found that it can be difficult to eat healthily and watch your weight on a LP diet. Fortunately, she has a few answers.

New Waitrose Vegan Range

It seems there is a new Vegan range at Waitrose and I picked up two of them for a weekend taste-a-thon.