About mild brain injuries like concussion and post-concussion syndrome.

Brain injuries in women

It has taken hundreds of years to discover that a common injury affects half of the population differently.

Support for Brain Injury during the pandemic

The pandemic is far from over, but already there are positives to be found in understanding and treating Acquired Brain Injury.

Coronavirus, rule changes and ABI

The pivot to a Covid response has caused considerable disruption to an already strained service. There have been reports that the NHS will not fully recover for four years.

Change, ambiguous loss, and spoons

Change is a constant right now. We are bombarded with new concepts and rules to understand which can then change at a moments notice.

Rugby rules, football failures and concussions in sport.

The last few years have seen numerous studies showing the damage which contact sports can cause to the brain. This has moved the argument how to make the sports safer...But as fast as these rules are introduced, loopholes are found.

ABI & Gardening

There is growing evidence which shows the benefits gardening has on our mental health. Five years ago, a doctor and scientist argued that gardening should be available on the NHS.

Pausing the anxiety treadmill.

If there ever was a time to be kind to yourself, this is it. Take a breath and realise that one mistake is not a failure. We are usually nicer to everyone else than we are to ourselves.

Brain Injury and exercise

The effects of exercise on those recovering from a brain injury can be helpful and encouraging for both body and mind.

Concussion substitutes now allowed in international cricket.

In a landmark rule change, cricket teams will be able to replace concussed players during international games. This is exciting news for brain injury awareness, brain injury prevention and for sports fans.

Heatwaves & Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).

Some people with ABI will be fine, but for many temperature extremes can make it harder to mange the symptoms and effects of the injury. Headway UK reports that “A brain injury can sometimes cause problems with temperature regulation making it harder for survivors to control their body temperature.”