Pauline O'Connor's books on PKU and Brain Injury

New book: Living with PKU

No one’s PKU is quite the same, yet we can support each other. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but this book contains what I know from forty years of Living With PKU

First income as an author

This income wasn’t from directly from book sales nor from my publisher. Rather it came from secondary uses of my work.

New Year, New Book

It is unnerving to send a story out into the world, but I’m grateful to see that is has been well received: “Incredibly vivid... this book will be of great benefit to professionals, survivors and their families alike.”

Polly's brain injury: concussion, cavernoma, & vestibular migraines

After the diagnosis of concussion and post-concussion, I received more bad news. There had been a bleed in my brain, which led to horrible cycles of migraines causing severe dizziness, & yet more migraines.