Pauline is a storyteller with a unique journey that weaves through winemaking, inherited metabolic disorders, and brain injury.

"Pauline delivered a fascinating and insightful talk... made a very positive impact on the audience"

Inspirational Speaker

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  • Brain injury and Recovery — how women are different Pauline discusses how brain injury presents differently in women, and what that means for society.
  • Living with Mild Brain Injury Pauline discusses the prevalence of brain injury in society and the small everyday things you can do to help.
  • PKU and Chronic illness Living with Chronic Illness — lessons learned from living with a rare metabolic disorder

Fees: In person: £50 up to 1hour + travel (negotiable). Online £40 up to 1 hr
Please note: these fees support my charity and patient group work.

Patient groups (travel expenses only) As part of her commitment to assisting brain injury survivors and advocating for others with PKU, Pauline collaborates with organisations like the NSPKU, ESPKU, and Headway in their patient programmes. Please contact me to discuss your patient group needs.

"Her story was phenomenal, and really shows anything is possible."

Content creation, editing, & proofing

Pauline’s content services cater to businesses, patient groups, charities, and specialised food companies. Contact Pauline to discuss your needs.

With over 20 years of experience in the drinks trade, and personal experience of chronic and brain injury, Pauline brings a unique perspective to your work.


Drinks business content: ”How to taste wine?”

Commissioned by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), this entry-level article demystifies wine tasting for consumers. A perennial asset for the company, it seamlessly integrates a Call-to-Action for various products.

Brain Injury content: “Brain injury and me”

Pauline shares her story to help others affected by brain injury.

PKU content: “The Power of Kindness” (photo below)

Featured in NSPKU News & Views, a patient-focussed magazine, this piece delves into the impact of kindness on mental well-being while managing chronic disorders.

"Loved it! Very wise words as we go into another difficult winter xx"
© Pauline O’Connor 2021: NSPKU News & Views Issue 168 Winter 2021